Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Party

About six months ago, I was reading one of the million blogs I follow when I stumbled upon this post.  Blue Eyed Bride created a post of the ten people she'd invite to a dinner party.  What a great idea!  

I often daydream about people I'd like to meet, become best friends with, learn from, etc.  So, I decided to put together my very own list.

My ten folks range from musicians to missionaries.  Here is a little snippet about each of them...and why I chose them.

1.  Kate Middleton - who isn't fascinated with a real-life princess?

2.  Brian McCann - A good ole' Georgia boy and definitely my favorite of the Atlanta Braves.

3.  Janet Evanovich - Definitely my favorite author.  The person that comes up with the crazy adventures of Stephanie Plum must have a wicked sense of humor.

4.  Michelle Obama - I love the woman behind the man.  I've met the man.  I want to meet the woman!

5.  Mark Richt - Go Dawgs!  What an amazing example of being a person in power  and a Christian example of giving back.

6.  Willie Nelson - Those who know me, know there is no need to say more.

7.  Katie Davis - If you've never visited her blog or read about her ministry, you should check it out.  She is an inspiration of Godliness...period.

8.  Tim Gunn - Classiness exemplified!  

9.  Ellen Degeneres - I love Ellen's motto, "be nice to one another."  She truly believes everyone should be treated equally...and we should all have a little fun along the way!

10.  Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh - I've followed beach volleyball for years.  These two are so competitive, yet they are always supportive of one another...a great example of true friendship.

So, what about you?  Who would you invite to your holiday party?