Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lovin Life

Considering I've cut out fresh flowers out of my budget, I decided to take advantage of my parents' gorgeous pond and everything growing around it.  About a year and a half ago, my parents moved 1/3 of a mile down the street.  They built a beautiful victorian home and purchased this gorgeous pond/lake next door.  

The past several days, I've noticed the stunning jonquils that surround the fence.  So, tonight, I strolled my sister's youngest baby, Ava, over to the lake (my sister lives right behind my parents) and picked some of these beauties.  They bring such happiness to my life and house.  They also give me a sense of my favorite season that has FINALLY shown its face.

They add such a gorgeous splash of color right when you come in the front door.

A second bouquet makes me smile in my kitchen.


Photo of the Week

Kissin' Babies...

Earlier this year, the campaign scheduled a photo shoot for Dad and the grandkids.  These pictures are have been used on his web-site.  This is my favorite picture of all...Dad kissing sweet Ava Roo Roo.

What I love best is the fact that this wasn't a "staged" picture.  Dad is a fantastic grandfather (Daps as they call him), and the kids love to visit him (which is pretty fabulous considering we all live within a mile or two of each other).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial

Last Monday, I featured these adorable bird nest decorations.

The idea for these bird nest plaques came from the catalog Country Door.  As promised, here is a quick tutorial of how to make them.

Step 1:  Purchase 2 wood plaques.

Step 2:  Paint the outside of the wooden plaques.

Step 3:  Cut music sheets to fit slightly inside the 2 wooden plaques.  Several people have asked...I found the music sheet paper on E-bay.

Step 4:  Ink the outside of the music sheets to give them a semi-antiqued look.

Step 5:  Using Mod Podge, attach the music sheets to the plaques.  Let dry.

Step 6:  Using a paper towel, lightly apply a brown paint to the sides of the plaques.  With a clean paper towel, wipe off excess paint.  This will continue the semi-antiqued look.

Step 7: Hot glue bird nests to the front of the plaques.  I purchased my bird nests (instead of making them) from Wal-mart.

Step 8:  Hot glue the bird eggs to the inside of the nests.

Step 9:  Paint the bird nests a light blue to match the outside of the plaques.

Step 10:  Using a stencil brush, blot brown paint onto the blue eggs.

Step 10:  Display and enjoy!

This post is linked to Tuesday's Tutorial at Hope Studios.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Big Reveal

If you follow my blog, you've heard about my office for a while.  When I first moved into my house (about six years ago), I was much more interested in bright and vibrant colors.  So, when I decorated...I went for crazy, lively, and busy.

Now that I've progressed past my 20s (don't you like that wording), I've decided I like calming colors and lots of organization.  Here is the new look and a narrative of what has changed.

This is my work station...I love it.

Previously, I had a curtain that hid shelves.  When I redecorated the office, I added a wall with double folding doors.  It looks much more organized and really finishes off the room (although I'm not showing what is behind them).

I wish I had a picture of the terrible light fixture that was in my office previously.  I picked a chandelier from a fabulous antique shop in my area (Dupree's).

I added a cutting table which also provides additional counter space.

Best part of the cutting folds down too.  Oh, and I sewed new curtains (which need to be fixed on one side, so I'm not going to show you a wider picture).

I added these built-ins when I first moved in to my house, but I did purchase new drawer knobs during the redecoration.  I like this glitzy look, and I think they go well with the new chandelier.

A close-up of the new knobs.

This fabric was the inspiration for the wall color.  I found it at Fabric and Fringe, and brought it in with the chair cushions and this idea board. **The idea board will be Tuesday's tutorial.

I kept the white photo storage boxes.  They hold crafting supplies and not photos.

I purchased these glass jars at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and used them to organize my ribbon.  They bring in a tiny punch of color.

I used a magnetic knife organizer from The Container Store for my collection of sewing scissors.

This might be my favorite functional item...I attached serge protectors under each side of my desk.  Now I can plug in my sewing machine, serger, iron, lamp, phone, stamp embosser, etc., all at once.

I spray painted these thread organizers, and hung them behind my sewing machines.

These came from a local thrift store, and I spray painted them for a clean look.

I love these tiles.  I purchased them at A Classy Flea, and I updated them with some glossy white spray paint.  Oh, and I moved my white file cabinet out from the closet to use as more counter space.

This is my least favorite is a little crowded and messy.  However, everything I have out is something I use on a regular basis.

What do you think?  I love it!  It is definitely my personality, and every time I walk by...I smile!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Follow Me Friday you see the little "FOLLOW" button to the right.  Well, I'm a little addicted.  I watch it profusely (at least once a day...okay, twice) to see if I have a higher number of followers.  When I had 12 followers, I kept saying..."If I can just get to 25."  Once I made it to 25, I moved on to 50.  Well, currently I'm at 57.  Now, I'm aiming for 100.  Believe me, I know it dorky.  In fact, I have a friend who says "it's just a popularity contest."  If that is the case, I'm a nerd and begging for friends.  I really want to see that number get to 100.

So, if you read my blog through a reader or receive email updates but aren't a follower...please take 2 minutes to become an "official" follower.  It's a really quick process.  It would really be greatly appreciated!

Follow Me Friday at Trendy Treehouse

Feature Friday

I love Blogland.  I love to float from blog to blog and read the stories, lives, and dreams of others.  

Several months ago, I stumbled upon Orphaned No More, and I quickly bookmarked it.  The blog is authored by a woman named Daleea.  She is working to sell 3,000 beautiful fabric bracelets, so she can bring her daughter, Isabella, home from China.

Isabella is a child she and her family pray for daily.  They have dreams and plans for her and are over 2,000 bracelets away from holding their sweet girl and knowing she is forever safe.  

Her bracelets are gorgeous.  Honestly, I bought three, and I could hardly make a decision on which ones I liked best.  These are the ones I chose.

I was extremely moved after reading about Daleea and her family.  I love her positive outlook and passion for a child she's never met.  I'm asking you to check out her blog, not only because her bracelets are GORGEOUS, but also because I want to see her prayers and dreams come true...that she will be able to hold sweet Isabella tight and tuck her into bed every night.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo of the Week

This is one of my favorite photos.  I think it is hysterical.  When I traveled to Africa in 2001, we were departing from Lewa, Kenya for Wamba, Kenya.  Both runways were in the middle of fields, and as we landed we watched the town people run to the landing strip to see who was arriving.  When we were leaving the "airport" we passed this sign...

When we took off to head back to Nairobi, my team members and I shared quite a few laughs at one of the locals chasing some cattle from the airstrip!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial

Last week, I featured my funky and chunky rings (made with $4.50 worth of materials), and I promised a Tuesday Tutorial.  I'm slightly embarrassed to be creating a tutorial because it is so easy.  Oh well.  Here is the scoop.

STEP 1:  Collect these materials (1) pendant, (2) adjustable ring base, (3) super glue.  My pendant came from Michael's for $3.99.  They have a huge selection, so I would certainly recommend trying them if you have one nearby.  While you're there, pick up a pack of ring bases.  Mine was a pack of 8 (with different finishes) for $3.99.  Then, you need your basic super glue.  I think mine was called "Krazy Glue."

STEP 2:  Apply super glue to the back of the pendant.

STEP 3: Place ring base over the super glue, and hold in place until it dries (less than 2 minutes).

STEP 4: Wear that beauty and smile for all the compliments you receive!