Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial

Last Monday, I featured these adorable bird nest decorations.

The idea for these bird nest plaques came from the catalog Country Door.  As promised, here is a quick tutorial of how to make them.

Step 1:  Purchase 2 wood plaques.

Step 2:  Paint the outside of the wooden plaques.

Step 3:  Cut music sheets to fit slightly inside the 2 wooden plaques.  Several people have asked...I found the music sheet paper on E-bay.

Step 4:  Ink the outside of the music sheets to give them a semi-antiqued look.

Step 5:  Using Mod Podge, attach the music sheets to the plaques.  Let dry.

Step 6:  Using a paper towel, lightly apply a brown paint to the sides of the plaques.  With a clean paper towel, wipe off excess paint.  This will continue the semi-antiqued look.

Step 7: Hot glue bird nests to the front of the plaques.  I purchased my bird nests (instead of making them) from Wal-mart.

Step 8:  Hot glue the bird eggs to the inside of the nests.

Step 9:  Paint the bird nests a light blue to match the outside of the plaques.

Step 10:  Using a stencil brush, blot brown paint onto the blue eggs.

Step 10:  Display and enjoy!

This post is linked to Tuesday's Tutorial at Hope Studios.
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  1. I love it! So creative...;-)

  2. This is my kind of Easter decor! I don't go for cutesy bunnies or chicks. Great job :)

  3. Very cute! I also wanted to tell ya that I saw some scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that looked like sheet music. HTH!

  4. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!!