Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial

Last week, I featured my funky and chunky rings (made with $4.50 worth of materials), and I promised a Tuesday Tutorial.  I'm slightly embarrassed to be creating a tutorial because it is so easy.  Oh well.  Here is the scoop.

STEP 1:  Collect these materials (1) pendant, (2) adjustable ring base, (3) super glue.  My pendant came from Michael's for $3.99.  They have a huge selection, so I would certainly recommend trying them if you have one nearby.  While you're there, pick up a pack of ring bases.  Mine was a pack of 8 (with different finishes) for $3.99.  Then, you need your basic super glue.  I think mine was called "Krazy Glue."

STEP 2:  Apply super glue to the back of the pendant.

STEP 3: Place ring base over the super glue, and hold in place until it dries (less than 2 minutes).

STEP 4: Wear that beauty and smile for all the compliments you receive!

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