Friday, March 26, 2010

Feature Friday

I love Blogland.  I love to float from blog to blog and read the stories, lives, and dreams of others.  

Several months ago, I stumbled upon Orphaned No More, and I quickly bookmarked it.  The blog is authored by a woman named Daleea.  She is working to sell 3,000 beautiful fabric bracelets, so she can bring her daughter, Isabella, home from China.

Isabella is a child she and her family pray for daily.  They have dreams and plans for her and are over 2,000 bracelets away from holding their sweet girl and knowing she is forever safe.  

Her bracelets are gorgeous.  Honestly, I bought three, and I could hardly make a decision on which ones I liked best.  These are the ones I chose.

I was extremely moved after reading about Daleea and her family.  I love her positive outlook and passion for a child she's never met.  I'm asking you to check out her blog, not only because her bracelets are GORGEOUS, but also because I want to see her prayers and dreams come true...that she will be able to hold sweet Isabella tight and tuck her into bed every night.

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  1. Thank you so much... You have truly touched my heart and I will be forever grateful for you are a part of helping a precious child, our daughter Isabella to one day be Orphaned No More. With your order of the bracelets, with sharing our story and fundraiser on your blog... you are changing a child's life and that is a wonderful thing.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, for helping to spread the word and for your purchase. I have tears in my eyes as I read your post. Oh, how I long to hold my daughter in my arms... but I know that Jesus is answering my prayers of provisions to do just that through people just like you... one bracelet at a time.
    Thank you again... May God bless you and God's Speed to my Isabella...

  2. What a touching story! Thanks for sharing... I {love} to hop around "blogland" too. :) And... we have something in common I see! The Design Girl designed both of our blogs! Too funny! Hope you had a GREAT weekend.
    Jenn :)