Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lovin Life

Considering I've cut out fresh flowers out of my budget, I decided to take advantage of my parents' gorgeous pond and everything growing around it.  About a year and a half ago, my parents moved 1/3 of a mile down the street.  They built a beautiful victorian home and purchased this gorgeous pond/lake next door.  

The past several days, I've noticed the stunning jonquils that surround the fence.  So, tonight, I strolled my sister's youngest baby, Ava, over to the lake (my sister lives right behind my parents) and picked some of these beauties.  They bring such happiness to my life and house.  They also give me a sense of my favorite season that has FINALLY shown its face.

They add such a gorgeous splash of color right when you come in the front door.

A second bouquet makes me smile in my kitchen.

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  1. Those ARE beautiful flowers. Your office reveal is pretty amazing as well! Just found you from Kojo Designs. Hope you can drop by my blog for a spring block give away, and just to say hello! Have a great weekend!

  2. They are my favourite flowers and happen to be our National flower! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx