Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday's Tutorial

Last week, I posted one of my favorite projects to date.

As promised, here is the quick and simple tutorial.
**Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of each of the steps.

STEP 1:  Download, print, and cut out the attached drawing of a deer head.  Click here is the drawing.

STEP 2:  Iron some sort of adhesive to your chosen fabric.  I used Wonder Under, but freezer paper would work too.

STEP 3:  Trace and cut out the deer head from the adhesive paper and fabric.

STEP 4:  Peel the adhesive paper away, and iron the deer head onto the onesie.

STEP 5:  Using a coordinating thread, straight stitch around the deer. 

STEP 6:  Add a bow to one of the deer head antlers.

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