Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Are you a Project Runway addict?  Each week the contestants are given a challenge to create an outfit with specific time and budget constraints.  Tim Gunn (my favorite) takes the contestants to what looks like the most mesmerizing fabric store.  Well, I decided since I was in NYC for a quick trip, why not take a cab and check out this place.

Enter Mood...

Three stories of what I would consider Heaven!  There are bolts of fabric from floor to ceiling (all categorized for "easy finding" - not so sure that is really the case).

Not only are there aisles and aisles of heavenly fabric, but there are shelves and shelves of boxes filled with buttons, buckles, zippers, and anything else you might need to create.

Making the place even more exciting, one of the owners brings his dog (a pug) to work...and they employ individuals with a disability (love companies like that).

Luckily, I escaped with under $40 worth of damage.  Check out their web-site if you have a free moment.
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