Sunday, March 7, 2010

Doe a Deer, a Baby Girly Deer

Meet Christy (and her husband, Phillip).

Christy is one of my cousins, and I’m having a hard time believing that she is having a baby…she’s just a baby herself.  Anyway, Christy is having a sweet little girl (Gabby), and her baby shower was Saturday.  Keeping in tune with the Year of the Handmade Gift, I decided to create some custom burp cloths and onesies.  Christy’s family and her husband are hunters.  They love to go hunting for anything and everything.  So, I thought a pink camouflage theme was in store, and what would be better than a cute little stag head?

I love it because I think it is the epitome of girly.  Although the deer is not so girly, the pink camo, ruffle bottom, and hair bow on the deer’s antlers screams girlie.

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That is adorable!! I'm sure it meant so much to her!

  2. Oh wow!! That is so cute!! It is totally girly and yet not all PINK. I remember when my daughter was born everything I had was all pink - she looked like pepto bismal had exploded all over her.

  3. Very cute! Love the little bow on the antler!

  4. Fun! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  5. Ha! I like the bow. That's adorable. Great idea!

  6. Cute. I love how you personalized this for her!

  7. THAT, my dear, is adorable! How precious! Congrats to your cousin on her expected arrival. Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Hope you have had a chance to enter the giveaway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  8. This is adorable! Can't wait for your tutorial!

  9. That is so cool! Thanks for linking up to link up to check me out saturdays over at my blog