Friday, January 7, 2011


I certainly don't talk often about this (especially with people I don't know first-hand), but my dad ran for Governor of Georgia over the past year and a half.

He was Governor for four years, elected while I was in college.  After eight years of sitting idly by, Dad decided he was frustrated with the direction of the State of Georgia.  So, he ran for Governor again.

Having grown up in politics, my siblings and I all had apprehension about the run...because we selfishly wanted him to our selves.  However, we supported his desire to improve the current state of affairs.

(Will's homemade sign the day before the election)

Well, after a tough race, he was defeated in early November.  A defeat is always difficult.  We've experienced them before, and they never get better.  However, you can only put yourself out there and allow the public to choose who they want.

(Yup, even the cows made their political debut!)

Growing up with an amazing leader as a father is one of the biggest gifts I've ever received.

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  1. Great post Alyssa! I think "selfishly wanting him to yourself" is probably the tip of the iceberg of why you guys were apprehensive about him running. A post you made on FB while your dad was campaigning has truly resonated in my soul; I will forever have the up-most respect for your dad and your family (moreso than you will ever know!).

    I love the cows! Imagine if your parents were still on Brookwood; having some mooing cows there would be a hoot!