Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 5 (well, maybe 6) Least Favorite Olympic Moments

#5 - Prince Harry Shooting Hoops

During the pre-olympic coverage, the media paid special attention to the royal family and their presence at the games.  Most of the coverage included Harry, William and Kate meeting athletes from various sports.  Prince Harry made an appearance at a pre-olmypic basketball activity, where he was challenged to shoot a few hoops.  Now, I've always thought Harry was the cuter and more exciting/fun of Prince Charles and Diana's boys; however, that all went out the window that day when I saw this...

Having shot a few baskets in my life, I was a little mortified at his form and the shank that came after.  I deal breaker for me is a guy who I can beat at basketball.  I guess I'll have to mark Harry off my list ;)

#4 - Lochte and the bling

Supposedly, the Olympic Committee informed Lochte that they would not place the medal on his neck if he was wearing his grill.  So, he slipped it in his pocket and put it in his mouth following the medal being placed around his neck.  Seriously, it is a moment in history...

#3 - Usain Bolt's flashiness

I know Usain Bolt is the "Fastest Man in the World."  However, there is something to say about being a little more modest.

My favorite quote I heard about Usain Bolt was from Bob Costas who said, "As great as he is, I guess it is hard to have a higher opinion of Usain Bolt than he has of himself."

#2 - Jordyn Wieber and All Around Rule

As I'm sure you've heard, there is a rule in gymnastics that only the top two gymnasts from each country's team can participate in the all-around competition.  Some people may think this is fair, but what if the gymnast who is the third best gymnast on her team and scores fourth out of all gymnasts at the meet is left out of the all-around competition?  Well, they feel how Jordyn Wieber felt at the olympics.

Jordyn Wieber, who many proclaimed was the top gymnast for the US, was upset after the team competition when she did not qualify for the all-around competition.  The media did nothing to help as they stuck a camera in her face and followed her closely while she watched one of her dreams diminish.  However, hats off to Jordyn for composing herself for the interview that followed.

#1 - Gabby Douglas and The Hair Controversy

I was awestruck with Gabby Douglas who came out of her shell and shined at the London Olympics.  Amazed by her poise, confidence, and ability to handle such nerve-wracking situations, I was even more impressed with how she handled the ridiculous controversy surrounding her hair.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see this picture (and caption) circulating Facebook.  Sorry, I couldn't find a source.

I planned to only include my five least favorite olympic moments, but I couldn't hold this one out.  So...

#0 - Fox News complaining about the "lack of patriotism" shown by Olympic athlete uniforms (LINK).  Seriously...

Well, I bet they appreciated Ryan Lochte's American flag grill.  I assume that was patriotic enough.

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