Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Are you the New Year's Resolution type?  I'm not.  However, every year I think maybe I'll give it a try.  So, I decided this year that I'm not going to have a "true" New Year's Resolution, but I'm going to set some goals that might suffice for resolutions.  Why am I so afraid of a true New Year's Resolution?  Well, probably because only 8% of people are truly successful with their resolutions (citation).  I guess if I set multiple, maybe I'll be more likely to reach one...this is what I like to call impossible to fail math.  Anywho, here are my "goals" for the year.

#1 - Use more technology in my classes.  Technology changes so much, that I feel like I struggle to keep up.  I encourage my students to use a wide range of technology, but I'm not always as good at taking those risks.  Two years ago, I instituted a rule in my class that you couldn't use PowerPoint for presentations.  You had to utilize something else.  However, it took me another year to get on that bandwagon myself.  So, I've downloaded a couple of new apps that I'm going to utilize this semester.  Honestly, they don't look too hard.  Here are the ones I've downloaded.

Socrative (Clicker)

Teacher Kit

Class Dojo


QR Reader

#2 - Dress up more often.  If I had my way, everyone would go to work in their pjs (preferably flannel at that).  However, nobody seems to be joining me on this endeavor.  So, I've decided to give in and dress up more often, albeit I'm doing this kicking and screaming!

#3 - Clean out my car regularly.  If you know me, you know the first thing I always say as you get in my car is, "Sorry, it is such a mess."  Recently, a friend of mine asked a good question, "Alyssa, why do you apologize?  It always looks like this."  Well, I guess I never thought about that.  So, maybe I could tidy up a little more frequently.

I'm also hoping to knock four items off my 20 X 40 List.  If you remember, this is my list...

Learn to can fruits and veggies
Sew a quilt
Sew something for me
Take a calligraphy class
Complete a triathlon
Learn to use power tools
Shop the World’s Longest Yard Sale
Write a children’s book
Make Gran’s cookbook
Adopt from Africa
Improve my digital photography skills
Learn to use Photoshop
Become a foster parent
Travel to 6 of the 7 continents
Write 365 thank you notes
Take 365 photos
Learn to UTILIZE my serger
Visit a fortune teller
Live in another country for 6+ months

I'm hoping to accomplish the following:
-Learn to use Photoshop (taking a class as you read)
-Make Gran's cookbook
-Travel to 6 of the 7 continents (applied for a conference on my final continent)
-Take 365 photos (got my Project Life materials ready to go)

That brings me to seven goals/tasks to complete by the end of next year.  Hopefully, when I look back in 365 days, I'll be able to mark off a few of these items.  
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  1. I think those are wonderful goals! = ) Happy new year! Taking 365 photos sounds like fun.

  2. I say AMEN to wearing pj's all day everyday....and I always feel so bad about my messy car yet I do nothing about it... Goals.... I need those.