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Top 10 Favorite Children's Holiday Reads

As a former elementary school teacher, it is impossible not to love children's literature.  I don't visit a bookstore without at least a quick browse through the kid's section.  Even as a college professor, I use children's books in class to represent a concept or theme.  Honestly, being a children's book author would be in the top three of my most dreamed about professions.

Last week, my sister called to tell me that she and her three little girls spent the evening snuggled on the couch in the pjs, reading our favorite childhood Christmas book (see #1 below).  This conversation made me contemplate my favorite holiday texts.

So, welcome to my top 10 favorite holiday reads...

By: Gloria Houston

When I was in fourth grade at Mableton Elementary School, Gloria Houston visited the school to talk about the process of writing a book and share The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree.  I left school that afternoon with a copy of her book, and I enjoyed reading it with my mom that evening.  The book still sits on my bookshelf today.

By: Richard Stack

The year before the visit from Gloria Houston, Richard Stack came to share his book and talk about being a children's author.  Hearing the story was the first time that I learned about the saint bernard dog breed.  I was fascinated by the this tale of rescue.  I remember taking home my autographed copy, and cherishing the book.  It, too, still shares a space on the shelf.

By: Barbara Robinson

I first read this book as a child.  Well, honestly I wasn't a big reader as a child.  So, to be truthful, I listened to the story as a kid.  After I left teaching, I ran a small book club of former students that met monthly.  It was a great opportunity for me to remain in contact with some very special families.  This was one of the first books chosen.  We read the book and of course watched the movie as a holiday celebration.  It has such a great story line and theme.  Who couldn't love The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?

By: Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner

This was a book that I stumbled upon while teaching.  This rhyming story encourages creativity by portraying what snowmen might do at night.  It is an adorable read.

By: Jonathan London

Froggy books are one of my favorite series.  During my first ever teaching job in Atlanta Public Schools, I had the most adorable young boy who absolutely loved Froggy.  I'll never forget when I would read him a Froggy story, he would act out each part.  I loved Froggy before that year, but I really connected when I saw the joy it brought to one student.

By: Eric Carle

This is another book from my teaching years.  I don't know how I came in contact with this book, but I loved the illustrations (who doesn't love Eric Carle illustrations?).  There is a clear plastic page with snowflakes painted that covers multiple pages throughout the book.  There are some great art/crafts activities that can coordinate with this text.

By: J.otto Seibold & Vivian Walsh

I learned about Olive the Other Reindeer after reading its cousin, Olive My Love.  The book is based on the idea that "Olive" is the "other reindeer" portrayed in the song Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.  It is fantastic.

By: Janet & Allan Ahlberg

The Jolly Postman books were always great for teaching about letter writing.  A play on fairy tales, the book portrays characters from Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.  It is a fabulous book and reading the letters to each of the fairy tale characters is really neat.  The one negative about this book...I've lost some of the letters.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Some of my students "misplaced" the letters over the years.

By: Rachel Isadora

I never had this book while I was teaching, so I am sad I was never able to share it with my students.  Two Christmases ago, my preacher gave me this book.  He knew my love and passion for Africa and said he thought of me when he saw it.  It was the most thoughtful gift I've ever received.  The book features the traditional 12 Days of Christmas song, but the illustrations are based on African heritage and culture.  So, the five golden rings are actually rings around an African woman's neck.  The book is beautiful, and I love it so much.

By: Patricia Scarry & J.P. Miller

The Sweet Smell of Christmas is my favorite book for several reasons.  My mom was a teacher too, so as children she constantly read to us.  This book was always a favorite during the holiday season.  The book includes scratch and sniff stickers of different holiday scents.  There are gingerbread cookies, oranges, apple pies, hot cocoa, and others.  I always loved the orange sticker the best.  I forgot about the book until two years into teaching.  I was browsing through the children's book section at Barnes and Noble, and I stumbled upon it.  That day, I bought three copies.  I kept one of the copies, and I distributed the other two to my sister and brother's families.  I wanted my nieces and nephews to share in the tradition I remember.  This will always be my favorite book because I will remember the MANY times my mom patiently read it to me, and we shared the scratches and sniffs of the holiday season.
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