Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy's Day

Like many American families, I'll be celebrating Father's Day with my family on Sunday. This is the first year I can remember where we have celebrated on the actual holiday. Years ago, we celebrated Father's Day in October.  With Dad's insane schedule, it was the first time everyone in our family could get together. 

I've struggled to come up with a gift this year. Being that I deemed this year, "The Year of the Handmade Gift," I knew I had to come up with something creative. However, that is hard when it comes to Dad. 

Aiming to mark off items on his "bucket list," Dad recently purchased two cows. Bare in mind that we (my entire family lives within a 2 mile radius) live in a suburb of Atlanta...far from farms and cattle. He loves coming home at night, changing into his blue jeans (which I didn't even know he owned), and walking over to give them their nightly treat of sweet feed. 

I happened to be out of town the night the cows arrived. However, it was a family and neighborhood affair as everyone watched the two cows (named by him...Molly and Polly) investigate their new home.  My sister-in-law uploaded pictures of the cows' (who by the way are pregnant...or bred if you are using farm language) arrival. When I saw the picture below of Dad, I immediately knew I would use it for his Father's Day Gift.

I quickly remembered that I had a similar picture of my grandfather (Dad's daddy) with a cow too. 

So, I changed both photos to black and white and found a double sided frame that I weathered to make look older too. The picture of PawPaw (my grandfather) was very faded and only had orange coloring remaining, so the chance worked well for it.

I think Dad will love it. I know he really misses his parents, so this will be a good remembrance for him

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  1. thanks for posting this. Your dad is pictured with a Herford cow. (That is the type of cattle my famiy raised.) Just wanted to share.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. He would be annoyed that I didn't know that! Amy, did you get my comment I left last week about blog swapping? I tried to email you (from your blog), but it wouldn't go through.

  3. Really love this gift. I know he did too!