Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden Slip Up

Yesterday my oldest nieces came over to help work in my garden. They've been eager to pick anything and everything they see growing.  So, when my sister needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store, I figured they could help me pick a few veggies, pull some weeds, and water the garden. 

Well, being that I'm quite a novice gardener, I thought the carrots were ready to come out of the ground.  So, we dug down into the ground and pulled out these babies.

Obviously, the carrots need a little longer in the ground. So, much to the girls' dismay...we left the remainder in the ground.
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  1. Auuuurgh! Sorry to be the first to say it, but...these carrots were miscarried! :)

  2. At least they are excited about whats growing in your garden. I think it's so important that kids know where their food comes from I'm amazed at how many don't. Hopefully in a few more weeks your carrots will be ready to go and good to eat. Happy gardening!

  3. That is so funny!! I would have thought the same thing:)