Thursday, February 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

When I first moved into my house 6 years ago, I wanted a loud and vibrant office.  I think I was at that young and creative point in my life where hot pink and lime green was fun and funky.

I guess at 30 years old, I hit that stage where I just want calm and relaxing vibes all around.  So, after taking my house off the market, I decided to repaint and try to create a place that doesn't make me stress just walking through the door.

Well, I'm almost there.  I need to finish a couple more things (new light fixture, hanging some artwork, cleaning up, and deciding about the is always in the way).  However, I need your help.  I've narrowed down my light fixture search to four chandeliers.  I love glitzy and crystal, so I thought a crisp white or silver fixture would be perfect.  I went to my favorite antique store (Dupree's on the Marietta Square), and here are my selections.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  They were taken with my iPhone and in a dark warehouse type place.

Chandelier #1
$395...Love the pineapples

Chandelier #2
$345 and 20% off

Chandelier #3

Chandelier #4

This is where your assistance comes into play.  Please leave a comment telling me which one you would choose.
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  1. Is there a plan to put those cute mini-shades over the bulbs? If so, I'm going with #3. I like the crisp whiteness of the light; also, if you get a stay hair and decide to paint it, I think it would be lovely any color! I also think the mini-shades would look great on it!

    If no shades, then I would go with #2. It's really "glitzy" yet elegant.

    Are you planning to put a dimmer on the wall? That would be my suggestion - for those times when you need to work, but don't want the BRIGHTNESS that those chandelier's (sp?) can give off!

    Be sure to post some after pics of the room!!!

  2. i think i like number 4, but it's hard to tell from the pictures. if you like the pineapple one, go for it! those are great deals on chandeliers!

  3. I think I live No. 1... and I love the idea of the little mini lamp shades. I have an antique chandelier I plan to use in my new home and would like to do the same thing. Have fun!

  4. I like #3, but who knows!?!

    Is the "artwork" to frame a rooster painting???? Eh????

  5. For $100 less, I would go with #4. We have a lot of our lighting on dimmers and love it! It is really easy to install:)

  6. 3,3,3,3,3, have I mentioned I love number three!!!