Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafting Organization

My crafting supplies are taking over my house!  I spent the past month or so (since the unfortunate flood) purging my office of all sorts of supplies.  Now, I've moved to hanging organization.  That is the only area of my office that is not overflowing.

With a jewelry organizer, I was able to separate my chipboard letters.  The organizer is front and back, and it holds A LOT of chipboard.  I love using the organizer because of it's quick and easy accessibility.  Plus, the clear pockets, make it even easier to see exactly what I need while in the midst of the creative juices.


As always, I'm looking for more organization tips for your crafting supplies...nothing makes me more giddy than some great organization (I'm well aware I'm a dork)!  So, what are your favorite tricks?
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1 comment:

  1. i've done the jewelry bag thing too, and i love that idea. last week at costco i got about 20 clear plastic shoe boxes for less than 15$. i plan on using those for odds and ends around the house. i'm feeling cluttered right now and need to tackle a few projects around the house to get things in order.