Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Clarification

So, if you recall I posted about my lenten journey on Wednesday.  If you missed it, you can catch up here.  Quite a few people have commented or sent me emails about the 40 bags in 40 days.  I wanted to be a little more specific and answer some questions.  

1.  I'm not a hoarder.

2.  I don't have 40 bags of stuff lying around my house.

However, I do have extras of things I've stocked up on...extras that can benefit someone else.  

For example, today's bag was dog food and dog treats.  I love my pups, and I treat them way too well.  However, there are a lot of dogs in the pound that don't have daily treats.  So, I dropped off a bag of dog food and treats at my animal shelter. 

So, don't think you have to push away stacks to walk in my front door.  You don't.  However, I know my pantry and my closet are a little fuller than most.  So, I'll share a little bit of goodness and help someone out over the next 40 days.
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  1. Thank you so much for your suggestion on my blog! I never even thought about them at all! Their call center is in my town so I know several people that work there and can get me their discounts. Thank you so much!!! -Kelsee