Saturday, February 6, 2010

Job/PhD/Life Update

Several weeks ago, you'll likely recall I expressed my nerves about the job search (If you've forgotten, you can refresh your memory here).  Well, I wanted to give you an update...

When searching for jobs, I applied for three positions: (1) policy job in DC, (2) assistant professor of early childhood education at a local college, and (3) assistant professor of special education at a local university.  A little over a month ago, I received notification that position #1 in DC is on hold because of budget cuts.  Two weeks ago, I participated in a phone interview for position #2.  I am a finalist for the position, and I went for my last interview/guest lecture on Thursday.  Last week, I participated in a phone interview for position #3.  Monday, I received notification that I will be participating in an on-campus interview/guest lecture next week for that position.  

The on-campus interviews are filled with meetings and guest lectures.  It is slightly intimidating, but I am anxiously giddy about the experience.  So, I hope to know something in the next couple of weeks.  I'm once again requesting your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of hectic weeks!  Thanks again for all of your support so far.  

Hopefully, I can secure a job and get back to more crafting!
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