Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Labeling the Garden

So, you saw the pictures of my lovely new garden...now just praying it grows!

Anyway, I really want to find a way to label each square.  Tonight, I was scrolling through Google Reader, and I noticed this amazing post on the blog Craft.

There is an etsy store which has them, but they only carry spices.  I love the idea, but I certainly don't have the metal stamps to create my own.

Any ideas??  
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  1. Not sure how to do it without the right tools, but whatever you do, don't stick the basil one in the rosemary plant . . .

  2. I've seen these - and I also saw some old spoons where someone had printed off labels and shellaced them to the spoon. Great idea. No clue how to make them though. I love them, too!

  3. Maybe the person who makes them can make some custom for you? Couldn't hurt to ask.

  4. I saw this in Country Living. I will look for the article b/c they showed you how to do something similar (w/o metal stamps).