Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 2 Garden Update

As I've previously mentioned, I just returned from a conference in Nashville.  I was most excited about returning to my dogs, but a close second was my garden.  I know what you're thinking...that girl has fallen off the deep end.  Don't worry, I'm thinking the same exact thing!

I came home yesterday and took my weekly photo.  I was excited to see some fun new seedlings sprouting.    Also, I've begun planning the first dish/food item from my garden...more on that later.

Here are some photos of my seedlings...

and my two pumpkins keeping guard over the garden.

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  1. that's so exciting! and i'm being serious. one day i'll have to try square gardening.

  2. very life always feels exciting... ;o)

    Love your pumpkins too, gorgeous! {and cheeky looking} ha!


    hello gorgeous xxx