Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taking a break...briefly!

So, I'm sure that most of you know my house flooded a month or so ago during the unbelievable Georgia flood of 2009.  Well, this caused me to reevaluate my house and undergo some renovations.

First, we fixed the problem that caused the we thought.  Then, several weeks later, it flooded again.  Thankfully, I hadn't put the carpet back downstairs.  Once my house flooded the second time, I decided it was best to pull it off the market and get the water issue truly taken care of by professionals.  $6000 later...I think we have it taken care least I certainly hope!  With the torrential downpours last week, there was no flooding...which was good considering I might loose my mind if my house doesn't get some order back very soon!

Once I decided to take my house off the market, I figured I'd do two or three things that needed to be done (considering comments of potential buyers and my desires).  So, I had granite countertops put in last week (thank heavens business is slow because I got a phenomenal deal).  The backsplash will hopefully go in this week; however, the old sink is still sitting in my floor.  My kitchen was updated right before I moved in, so several potential buyers commented on the fact that the only part missing was granite.

In the meantime, I decided the lime green and hot pink office was too overstimulating for my 30s.  So, I picked out a fabric and a paint color, and I'm redoing the office/sewing room.  We enclosed an area I previously used for storage (originally it was hidden with a fabric sheet).  Lastly, I've changed knobs on my cabinets and am replacing the carpet (due to the flood).

Finally, my sister and I decided a furniture swap was needed.  I love her blue and brown furniture, and I was tired of my burgundy and gold stuff.  So, we swapped!  How insane, but I love it.  When I first bought my house, I was uncertain what my design style was (shabby chic), so my mom decorated to her taste.  I love my mom, but we're on opposite ends of the design spectrum.  I hate gold and burgundy, but they are EVERYWHERE in my house.  I like light/cool colors, so I'm slowly making some changes.  The problem with making these changes is that being a PhD student doesn't pay.  So, I've become quite creative at Craig's Listing, sewing from old materials, trading with people who like my old stuff, spray painting/repurposing, and spending very sparingly.  It is kind of fun!

So, I tell you all of this for one purpose.  I'm hoping everything will be back to normal by the end of next week.  Barring any ridiculous storms, I'm having my carpet replaced Tuesday.  Once my office is no longer in my garage and I can actually access supplies, I'll update with some fun projects I have planned.

Thanks for understanding!
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  1. Ooh...please post before and after shots! I can't wait to see what you have done!

  2. I second the above comment:) Can't wait to see it!

  3. i loved the curtains in your office. but it will be nice to have a closed in closet space. sounds like you're doing a ton of fun things to your home! and i hear ya on changing your design style. you really don't know what your style is when you're fresh out of college. i was simply in the "dorm room/one bd apt" style rut. now i'm finally starting to figure out what i like!