Saturday, November 28, 2009


Being that my family celebrates on the day after Thanksgiving...I figured it was okay to include my "thankful" post on Friday.

When I was little, we often visited my grandmother in Marietta.  I remember as a young child dreaming about living there one day.  I loved the gorgeous tall trees, the community atmosphere, and the proximity to my church and the Square.  About 10 years ago, my sister and her husband purchased a house in Marietta, and I settled into Mableton.  Over the years, I slowly forgot my dream.

One afternoon while visiting my sister, we passed a house that I thought was cute.  Pregnant and in flip flops, she jumped out of the car and grabbed the flyer.  I wasn't in the market for a house and was living rent free 10 minutes from my job.  However, my dream reemerged quickly...and the rest I consider history.  I've now been in Marietta for almost six years, and I definitely consider it my home.  I LOVE Marietta, and all it has to offer.

Photo by Joseph T. Richardson

I LOVE going to the Taste of Marietta on a hot, sweaty, summer afternoon (when you can hardly push your way through the crowd).

Photo by Robin Wofford

I LOVE lunch and dinner on the historic Marietta Square and hearing trains pass by on one of the busiest railroads in Georgia.

                                                 Photo by Bill Rusham                             Photo by Joseph T. Richardson

I LOVE the boutiques and shops on the Square (and their VIP shopping events).

Photo by Shawn Latta

I LOVE participating in the Gobble Jog every Thanksgiving morning.

I LOVE the opportunity to take my nieces and nephew through the thousands of Christmas lights at the Lights of Life.

Photos by Nathalie (foto8girl)

I LOVE that my church is around the corner.

I LOVE the history and tradition of my little town.

                                                 Photo by Kevin Trotman                    Photo by Shawn Latta

I LOVE living in my dream community...with my entire family (even when they're a little too close for comfort).

What a day to be thankful and truly cherish the place you live and the people you call neighbors!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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