Sunday, November 29, 2009


Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love the meaning of Christmas and the opportunity to share this amazing time with my family and friends.  Like most families, ours is full of holiday celebrations.  I hope to share about many of our traditions throughout the next month.  Here is the first of those posts...

Many churches symbolize the season of advent (the anticipation of Jesus) by lighting candles on a wreath (this is more common in churches that participate in liturgical practices).  The Methodist Church observes this tradition and lights five candles throughout the holiday season.  Three of the candles are purple, one pink, and one white.  Each candle represents various characteristics (week 1: hope; week 2: peace; week 3: joy; week 4: love; and week 5: Christ).

Growing up in a family of five, we had the perfect set-up for Advent.  Honestly, I don't know how the tradition began, but as long as I can recall we each had a Sunday night where we were responsible for lighting our candle, sharing the scriptures and leading the prayer.  Mom and Dad even planned it out to ensure no arguing.  Being that the third candle is pink, Mom took it so the kids wouldn't fight over the different one.  Once we all returned from college, we transitioned into the adult version of hosting dinner on the night of our candle.  With busy schedules, we don't always celebrate on Sundays; however, we ALWAYS find a time to observe this special time.

Tonight begins our celebration of the anticipation of Jesus' arrival.  I am most thankful for these nights, as it brings us all back to the real meaning of the season.
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