Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange

I love to read blogs.  I have an addition...and it is Google Reader.  I check my iPhone numerous times a day to see the next giveaway, craft project, recipe, etc.  One of the blogs I follow is entitled Craftaholics Anonymous.  You can find it here.

Anyway, the writer of this blog is hosting a Handmade Holiday Gift Exchange.  I thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to throw my name into the mix.  However, I've developed a complex that what I make is not going to be "good enough."

Honestly, I consider myself a really good "gifter."  I love to find the perfect gift for people, so gift exchanges are my thing.  However, throw into the dilemma that you don't know the person AND it has to be handmade, and I begin to rethink my decision.

The deadline for sending out your handmade gift is Friday.  I got an email today saying my gift was already in the mail (don't think I didn't consider re-gifting it to my person, but I decided that might not be the best option).

Well, this is what I decided.  I made these a while back, and I haven't used them in my house.  I really love them, but they don't match any of my decor.  My favorite part of the gift is the wrapping job.  I took 2 shirt boxes, cut off the sides, and taped them together.  Then, I wrapped the box (leaving the top open).  I hole punched both sides and tied a ribbon through the holes.  This gives the illusion the gift is wrapped, but I can still send it through the mail with only an envelope.

Enough...enough.  Here is my package and the gift.  I'll take pictures of my gift when it arrives.  I am super excited about this...even if I am dorky for that!

This is the package ready to be mailed out (FYI...to Wyoming).

Isn't this a fun way to wrap a gift?

And...my gift - two birdie appliqued tea towels.
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  1. someone will be THRILLED with that gift! send with much confidence, my friend!