Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Cards

Just in case you missed yesterday's post...I love holiday cards.  I have an adorable Christmas tree that hangs on the wall and holds my cards during the month of December.

However, when January comes around, I am forced to find a new place for them.  Several years ago, I came up with the idea of saving them and then putting them out annually for visitors to view.

The project is super easy and takes no time at all.  You need a shower curtain ring, notecard decorated with the year, a hole puncher, and ribbons.  Create your cover with the year, hole punch all the cards, attach them to the shower curtain ring, and decorate the ring with holiday ribbon.

In order to remember who the people are in each picture, I create labels for the back of the card.  Some of the babies are hard to decipher several years later.

Here are a few more pictures of the ones I've made over the past several years.

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  1. Ok, I totally love this idea! I only wish I had saved cards from years past 'cause now we only get one or two each year. :(

    Such a practical but sweet way to treasure friends and family at the holidays.

    Thanks for linking to glad to have you :)

  2. Love the idea! I was thinking it would also be fun to add a few family pictures taken during Christmas that for the kids to review each year!



  3. Thats a wondeful idea--for sevral years now I've been saving one of our cards, and all th ones I love of cards sent to us. I think I will sue your idea using our card as the top one with the Year. thanks for sharing I love it! ann at housefinally

  4. Hi Alyssa! Just checked out your blog... compliments of Lauren:) She said you had a fabulous idea for Christmas Cards on your blog. I'm totally going to snag your idea...just hoping I can make it as cutesy as you!
    Hope all is well!