Friday, December 18, 2009

And Stray Makes Three

Notice anything strange...

I'm sure most of you remember several months ago that I rescued a dog from being hit on Whitlock (a super busy road near my house).  Mom and Dad fell in love with the sweet little pumpkin.  In fact, we found her family.  They were considering sending her to a new family because they didn't have time for her, so Mom talked the owners into letting them keep her.  She moved into their home and was finally getting completely acclimated.  They have another dog, Lucy.  Mom and Dad set no boundaries for Lucy and were nervous that the new puppy with "cramp Lucy's style."  However, the two (being similar in size) quickly became friends and enjoyed playing and roughhousing together.

Several weeks ago, my mom called complaining Lucy was hurt.  After two visits to the vet (where they couldn't determine what was wrong), they put her on pain medication and decided she probably sprained her tail.  See, Lucy is a wagger.  She almost falls over getting so excited when Mom or Dad come home.  It is really funny to see Dad mimic this behavior (he'd die if he knew I was saying that).  With the new tail injury, she could hardly move.

Immediately after the injury, Mom and Dad left for an overnight visit to DC.  At 10:30pm on the night they left, Lucy began wining and yelping so bad that I called and woke up my parents at 2:00am.  I didn't know what to do with her.  After a trip to the emergency vet and an injection for pain, Lucy was resting comfortably...and so was I.

However, in the meantime Mom and Dad decided the stray puppy should come to live with me.  She is adorable, albeit not my kind of dog.  Addie is less than amused, and she continues to show no compassion for the little bit.  I tried to take their picture together, and this is what I ended with...could have been worse.

They have finally begun to play (after almost 2 weeks), but Addie does the majority of the playing/intimidating.  The puppy flops over to the submissive position and pats at Addie's face.  I don't know if the puppy will stay with us permanently (Mom thinks she is going to bring her home again after the holidays), so we'll just have to wait it out.

Here are some pictures of the pumpkin.  Mom and Dad named her Munchkin (which I despise), so notice I've gone the entire post without calling her by this name.  The only problem is she definitely knows her name.  I've tried to replace it with another 2 syllable no avail!

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  1. i like pumpkin for a name. sounds a lot like munchkin.