Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One, Single, Lone, Little Word

Step 1 (so I hear) is to admit I have a problem.

Well, I have a problem.  I am a blog addict.  I probably follow about 100 blogs...thank Heavens for Google Reader!  Several blogs (including Clover Lane and Ali Edwards) I read have transitioned from Christmas to the New Year.  Quite a few of these blogs describe a fabulous idea, which encouraged some thought on my part.

First of all, a little background...I'm not a New Year Resolution type person.  I don't think I've ever made one.  In fact, I doubt I ever will.  However, the two blogs linked above suggest focusing on one word that will guide your decisions throughout the year.

For example, you may choose the word SIMPLIFY.  So, throughout the year you will consistently make decisions with this one word in mind.  You will focus on simplifying your life in every area.

I'll soon as I read these posts, I knew this was something I wanted to do.  I love the idea of choosing one area (potentially a weakness) and really focusing all year on improving it.  So, here you go.  My word is...

This might be a little strange, but let me explain.  In high school, I had a basketball coach who often found the time to tell me that I wasn't a risk taker.  I thought he was crazy.  I found numerous examples proving him wrong.  Well, now that I look back on my life...I'll admit that he might have been right (another area I'm not so good at either).  I like to do things where I can immediately excel.  I don't want to have to practice endlessly to be just decent.  I want to practice for hours to be exceptional.  I don't truly try anything where I might fail.  So, I've decided this is the year.  This is the time I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and potentially fail.  I'm going to try different things whether or not I know I'll be successful.  I'm sure I'll fall flat on my face occasionally, and you might answer your phone to a few tearful calls...but I'm going to take a few risks.  I hope you'll feel free to ask me about the risks I've taken throughout the next year and encourage me to step out and take a risk!

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  1. did you see my comment on clover lane? great word for 2010! and you should link up your blog list somehow.

  2. I think mine is "freedom".

    Hold me to it.

    No guilt.
    No taking-home-school-worries.