Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree #1

I think I need to spend some time learning how to photograph a Christmas tree.  Whenever I try, it never comes out as pretty as it is in person.

This year I put up only two trees (I usually put up three).  The one in my downstairs den is a traditional tree that features all my sentimental ornaments.  My mom puts up only themed trees, and I used to think I only liked those.  I now enjoy the look of the different ornaments, especially because the ornaments all symbolize a specific memory.

Another change for me this year is the star.  Typically, Mom comes over and makes bows for the top.  However, after Christmas last year I came across this star.  I decided it would add a little pizazz to the tree, and when on can you turn it down?  So, I incorporated them both - even if I had to cram it on because the ceiling is too low (can you tell it is a basement?).

The other aspect of Mom that I carried over is the wrapping of gifts.  All the presents are wrapped in the same paper and have matching "tied" bows.  I've finally mastered the tying only took 30 years.  The ribbon I use for the gift wrapping is carried over throughout the room (post from yesterday, tree, etc.).  This year I found the ribbon in multiple widths, which definitely provided a uniqueness.  Also, the gifts under this tree are all for the kids.  I love the wrapping paper and ribbon for my other tree, but it wasn't very kid-friendly.  This paper is exciting, in primary colors, and looks more juvenile.  I have some handmade tags too, but I can't seem to get them on the packages...maybe later tonight.
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  1. ah, your presents looks so fun under the tree. we're gifts under the tree this year. too much going on. our gift is charlotte!