Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tree Earrings

I love handmade fact, I received a few the other night (more on that in a future post).  Anyway, I wanted to make something festive for a few friends, and I came up with these.

Christmas Tree Earrings

In case you need a few last minute gifts, here is a quick tutorial.




Small yellow round crystal bead

Small black round crystal bead

Large green flat crystal bead (this won't be completely flat, but it should not be round at all)

Medium green flat crystal bead

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

**All of these materials can be found at Michael's, Joann, Hobby Lobby, etc.


STEP 1: Add a small black bead to the bottom of a headpin.

STEP 2: Add 2 large green beads to the headpin.

STEP 3: Add a medium sized green beads to the headpin.

STEP 4: Add a small yellow bead to the headpin.

STEP 5: Using the flat nose pliers, grasp the headpin slightly above the yellow bead.  Bend the top of the headpin around the top of the pliers.


STEP 6: Switch to the round nose pliers.  Place the end of the pliers through the hole created in the headpin.  Twist the headpin horizontally around the headpin.  There should now be a complete circle or loop in the headpin.

STEP 7: Continue to wrap the end of headpin around and around until there is no more wire remaining.  You may need to use the flat nose pliers to squeeze the wrapped portion.  This will keep the end of the wire from poking your ear.

STEP 8: Place the finished Christmas tree to the side.  Pick up the earwire, and place the flat nose pliers in the circle/loop at the bottom.

STEP 9: Rotate your wrist toward yourself (don't pull with your hand or it will lose shape) in order to open up the circle.

STEP 10: Place the circle/loop of the Christmas tree into the circle/loop of the earwire.

STEP 11: Rotate your wrist away from yourself (don't pull with your hand or it will lose shape) in order to close up the circle.

STEP 12: Continue the steps again to complete the second earring.

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  1. What an interesting post..thanks for sharing how to make these! Come visit me & see what I've created this week. Be sure to leave a comment!

  2. wow! what a wonderfully detailed post. pics too!

  3. This are beautiful! Thanks for a great tutorial as well. I'm so visual, so seeing each step makes it much easier for me to attempt :)

    glad you linked up to Mi4M!

  4. Very pretty! I love tutorials with pics - makes it so much easier to follow. Out of time to make them this year, but there is always next year. Thanks for sharing this with us!