Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peacock Christmas

Conversation 1 month ago at Hobby Lobby...

Me: Mom, look at this amazing peacock ribbon.  Wouldn't it be amazing on a Christmas tree?

Mom:  It is beautiful.  You know, I have a box of peacock ornaments in my basement.  You're welcome to borrow them.

When I described Christmas at my parents as "Santa throwing up," I certainly wasn't kidding.  Who do you know that randomly has a box of peacock ornaments (not even opened) in their basement?  I've decided not to question it, considering I'm reaping the benefits!

Several weeks later, I awoke to the annoying ring of my telephone...

Mom: I have a white Christmas tree you can borrow for your peacock tree.

Me:  You're not going to use it.

Mom:  No, I don't have a place for it this year...and it is pre-lit.

I'll be honest, she had me at pre-lit.  I despise to put Christmas lights on a tree.  I'm not sure why it took me until 2009 to join the pre-lit revolution.

Anyhow, here is the tree...

As you can imagine, Mom came and decorated it (yes, I'm 30...No, I have no shame).

Just a little FYI...I created this fantastic collage using tips and tutorials from...

BCD Show and tell


The DIY Show Off
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  1. isn't clover lane the best!!?!?

  2. wow-why can't my parents have good stuff to use? This is just gorgeous! Would love this in my living room and yes, it woulda had me at pre-lit too!

  3. you have incredible design talent...seriously...i love the header! And thanks for the link!

  4. Beautiful and I love your header, visiting from Censational Girl!

  5. Gorgeous! I love everything about it! Thanks for sharing - Happy Holidays!

  6. Very beautiful. I just got back from the Reagan Library and they had an exhibit of Christmas trees representing different countries. There was a peacock tree and the topper was similar. Yours is so fresh with the white.