Sunday, December 13, 2009

Handmade Holiday Cards

I love checking the mail during the holidays.  I enjoy seeing the growth of families over the previous year, the card designs people chose, and reading the newsletters often included.

Last year, I decided to make my own holiday cards.  I hated every second of it, and I was bound and determined never to do it again.  However, as the holidays approached I couldn't get the idea of making my cards out of my head.

I began early...deciding that was the way to enjoy the process (plus, I really like for my holiday cards to arrive the day after Christmas).  I choose some fabulous papers and a plan of creating cards in the shape of gift tags.  I typically create them in an assembly line fashion.  While watching tv or listening to the radio, I finish one step on all the cards.  Once that step is complete, I move on to the next step...until all the cards are finished.  Well, as I completed my first tag card, I couldn't believe how hideous they were.  So, I dumped them and started again...luckily I had enough materials to complete new ones.

Tonight, I finished.  I was too lazy to fix the lighting in my pictures, so I'm including a terrible picture (for you to see the colors) and another bad photograph (with poor coloring) to see the overall design.  Check your mail...they're coming soon!

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