Monday, January 25, 2010

Email from Papa Roy

So, tonight I send an email to Dad with the subject title "3 Things"...

1.  Has NCLB been reauthorized since 2002?
2.  Will you make a deposit for me when you get a chance?
3.  I go to Reinhardt on Thursday of next week.  I have to teach, but it is the topic of my choice.


His response...

1.   No. ESEA, which is NCLB has not been reauthorized.
2.   Yes.
3.   Good luck. I know you will do well because you are the best.
4.   I love you.


Adorable or what?  If you knew him, you would be moved.  First of all, he is a brief e-mailer (always just a "yes" or "no").  So, the compassion of #3 and the addition of #4 was pretty sweet.
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1 comment:

  1. that's so cute. my dad never says bye on the phone. it drives me crazy! i'm trying to teach him slowly that the best way to hang up on a conversation is to actually end it with a bye rather than finishing it while the person is in mid sentence.