Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Monday

Well, I'm back with my second Menu Monday.

Don't you like my little my digital header I created for Menu Monday???

Anyway, I'm super impressed with myself for following the menu last week.  I cooked all I planned, albeit not on the days I planned.  My parents even talked me into bringing one of my meals to their share!

This week, I am going out of town on Thursday (a little crafting weekend getaway).  So, I am only menu planning through Wednesday.  Of course, I'll post a printable card for one of the recipes by Friday.

Menu for the Week of January 25th:

Thursday:  Out of town

Friday:  Out of town
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  1. six o clock scramble? i don't think those are recipes from that book. we can coordinate if you'd like!

  2. Did you like the slow cooker chicken?

  3. Lauren...You're going to die laughing. It smelled fabulous, but I burnt it. I always make a slow cooker meal on Tuesdays (because I go to Athens on those days), and this time it cooked too long. I definitely plan to try it again because it honestly smelled amazing.